Pregnancy & Remedial Massage in Geelong

Pregnancy – A Time to Be Nurtured

We believe that every woman deserves to be nurtured, supported and feel radiant during their pregnancy.

We are passionate about supporting women to manage the physical, emotional and mental changes of pregnancy and motherhood.

Through our exceptional pregnancy, postnatal and remedial massage services, we aim provide the best quality treatment and deliver the best outcome for our clients.



Hi, my name is Laura Calderone and I am a Pregnacy Massage Practitioner and Clinic Director at By the Bay Therapies. I have an absolute passion for empowering women to acheive exceptional health during preganncy and into motherhood.

I established this clinic as a solo practitioner in 2017, when she saw the need for women to take better care of themselves during their pregnancy journey.

Now with an experienced and passionate team, By The Bay Therapies can help even more women to feel nurtured, supported and feel radiant during their pregnancy journey.

The team at By the Bay Therapies are qualified and experienced therapists, who have undertaken specialist pregnancy massage training. The team aims to provide the best quality treatment and deliver the best health outcomes for our clients.

We can’t wait to help you feel empowered, supported, nurtured and radiant during your pregnancy!

A Treatment Available to Help You!

The team is passionate about providing exceptional massage services and have an interest in:

  • Supporting women through significant life changes such as pregnancy, motherhood and menopause
  • Treating headaches, such as tension headaches and migraines and chronic pain issues
  • Empowering birth partners to be confident in supporting their loved one during labour with partner massage workshops and private sessions

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during pregnancy, headaches or chronic pain, massage may be able to help you!

Find out which treatment is right for you. For more information, contact us or book an appointment now!

I had a pregnancy massage this week, going in with sever back pain. The treatment was incredibly gentle (I think I fell asleep on the table!) and relaxing. Laura was incredibly professional, caring and kind and made sure I was comfortable through well placed pillows, whilst working through my problem areas. The next day my pain had eased considerably and now 2 days later is virtually gone. I will definitely be back and will highly recommend to other mums-to-be


Highly Recommend Laura for pregnancy massage. I was so sore, general movements were painful and I was unhappy. Got my first massage from Laura last week and I have been so relaxed, can move with ease and my mood has improved. Laura was also super respectful and was careful in her movements of the sheet which made me feel at ease. Looking forward to my massages for the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you so much