Remedial Massage

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We believe that recovering from an injury should feeling good not painful. If you are suffering from chronic pain, a remedial massage may be able to help you.  After a comprehensive assessment and discussion, a treatment plan will be implemented in line with your health goals.

Who needs Remedial Massage?

Beneficial for many types of muscular and chronic pain ailments, remedial massage can treat the following:

headaches, including stress and tension headaches and migraines

chronic neck and shoulder pain

upper crossed syndrome and forward head posture

sciatica and other back pain

carpel tunnel and other over-use injuries


frozen shoulder

tennis and golfers elbow

knee problems

relief from chronic pain

Various techniques such as cupping, myofascial tensioning and trigger point therapy are used to get the best results.

Assessment and Treatment

It is essential to perform a physical assessment before each treatment. This helps to establish causative factors of pathology, reproduce the patients’ pain/symptoms, to help establish the correct assessment and to monitor the effectiveness of any treatment performed.

The role of a massage therapist is not to diagnose illness, but to perform specific assessments related to the reason for presentation, i.e.: musculoskeletal dysfunction. We believe that recovery does not occur in isolation. Referral to other health practitioners may be discussed in order to get the best health outcome.

Health Fund Rebates

If you have Private Health insurance with extras cover, you may be eligible for an “on the spot” refund for remedial massage.


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