The Attitude of Gratitude

Why Be Grateful?

These past few weeks, I have been putting into place a practice of gratitude. What the hell does this mean? Well, for me, it means making time each day to bring awareness to the things that are going well in my life.

I start off with a walk to the beach or the park at just before sunrise, then when I get home I do my Morning Ritual (more on this in a moment) and get ready for my day.

The reason why I do this is to feel good, about myself and how I feel about myself, to feel more connected to nature and the wider world around me, and to find some quiet space before the day gets hectic and filled with thoughts and busy-ness.

Sometimes on my walk, I listen to inspiring podcasts, such as Oprah’s Soul Conversations, and sometimes I listen to comedy, like the How Did This Get Made? Podcast. I find whatever I do chose to listen to, it helps to lift my mood, get me out of a funk while also having a bit of a chuckle too.

The Morning Ritual helps me to clear my head and set my intentions for the day. It is like a meditation. But I also get to shout out (yes – shout) my positive affirmations and power statements and jump around and use my body. And yes – I have done this in public, which is a HUGE stretch for me, BUT OH SO LIBERATING!


Practice, Practice, Practice

Gratitude is also something I practice with my partner. Often, he will come home from a hard day at work, and his first instinct is to complain. “The excavation broke down”, “the rain delayed or work”, “the traffic was hectic today”. When he gets like this, I ask him “What is ONE thing you are grateful for from your day?” This usually stops him. All he wants to do is look at the things that he didn’t like about the day, but I am asking him to think of one good thing. After he gives me a reply, “I had a good coffee this morning”– I ask for another, and another, until – I can see that he has shifted his mental state and is looking at the world with a more positive outlook.


What Am I Grateful For?

This is the same thing I do for myself. When I feel crabby, hormonal, or just NQR, I look for gratitude. That’s why I walk on the beach, because it makes me realise that no matter how shitty I feel, the beach always looks beautiful. The sunrise over the horizon, the waves, the cliffs, the birds. All of it snaps me out of my funk and brings me back to what is really important.

I have so many things to be grateful for. I am grateful that I get to wake up every day and walk along the beach, I get to do what I do for “work”, I get to support women though pregnancy, I help women to feel nurtured and cared for, I help my clients feel less pain, improve their health and live better lives. I am grateful that when I come home from a long day, my partner has a prepared a lovely mean for us to share. My family and friends provide endless support.

And it’s addictive. Once you start listing the things you are grateful for, the list gets longer and longer.


Take The Plunge, and Dip Into Gratitude!

So, why not try it for yourself? Start small. Write them down. Then in those times when life seems shitty, the kids are screaming, hubby won’t agree with you, boss is a nightmare – reflect on your gratitude list and smile, knowing that life Is good, no matter how it appears on the surface.







The 5 Biggest Lies About Pregnancy Massage

And why they are preventing you from feeling amazing during your pregnancy!

You might have heard these common myths about pregnancy massage that have stopped you from seeing your massage therapist when you fall pregnant. But, did you know, the truth is that massage during pregnancy – from first trimester to due date – can be a safe, effective and incredibly powerful tool in helping you to feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy journey. Read on as we debunk the 5 common myths of pregnancy massage.


Myth 1: Massage Is Unsafe In The First Trimester

Contrary to popular belief, massage is safe during the first trimester – when performed by an adequately trained and experienced massage therapist. A qualified pregnancy massage specialist will understand when massage is safe and when it is not and will undergo an extensive assessment prior to your treatment to ensure that massage is safe for you and baby.


Myth 2: Massage Causes Early Labour

There is absolutely no evidence to back up this myth. The mere thought that massage can induce or cause a pre-term labour is absurd. If it did, Obstetricians would perform massage all the time! A qualified therapist will ensure that you and your baby are comfortable and safe throughout the treatment, without the fear of waters breaking on the table!


Myth 3: Your Table Must Have A Hole In It, Right?

Massaging a mum lying on her tummy is extremely uncomfortable for the baby and puts too much pressure on the mother’s lower back. Instead, massage can be done with mum lying on her side. This means that the massage therapist can still treat problem areas, such as hips, back and shoulders while making sure mum and baby are comfortable.


Myth 4: You Must Not Touch the Belly!

This myth has been perpetuated by the fear that a tummy massage causes harms to babies. When performed by a qualified massage therapist, abdomen massage can be extremely therapeutic and beneficial to mum and baby!  Massage can support the abdominal muscles, reduce low back pain and can even enhance the mother’s emotional connection with her baby.


Myth 5: Won’t the Toxins Harm My Baby?

We’ve all been told that massage releases toxins and it only natural to be worried that theses toxins will harm your baby too. Massage does release hormones and wastes from the body, but massage can also reduce stress hormones and increase the happy-feel-good hormones. So that’s not such a bad thing.


Remember:  When it comes to Pregnancy Massage Qualifications Are Vital!

When seeking massage during pregnancy, is vital that massage only be performed by an adequately trained therapist. A massage therapist trained in pregnancy massage will have the specific skills required to treat a mum with complex and high-risk health issues.

If you want to learn more about how massage can help you during your pregnancy, please contact us on 0407 512 009 or book your next massage now!