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Magical Memories

Create the perfect first-birthday celebration with our four simple tips!

How exciting are first birthdays?!

As a parent, you know that have survived the first year of parenthood. You have made it through all the ups and downs, from trying to figure out what to do with a newborn, to learning how to soothe and settle to get them sleep, how to deal with a poonami and generally dealing with all the challenges thrown your way.

You may be sleep deprived and need a week in bed, but that one-year milestone is exciting and should be celebrated. But what do you do for a one-year-old that has not got any concept of time or any clue that a year has even passed? Our Pregnancy Massage specialist and mum of two, Clare is here to share with you how she helped to celebrate this milestone and the special traditions she has created for her family.

Keep It Simple!

Clare recommends keeping the birthday celebrations simple. We can easily get overwhelmed and put too much pressure on ourselves to make everything “perfect”. A small gathering of family and close friends at home or in a park is the perfect way to commemorate your little ray of sunshine’s first birthday.

When it comes to feeding the tribe, a few simple snacks, sausage rolls, finger sandwiches, chips and dips is the perfect way to keep your guests happy. You could always share the load by asking guests to bring a plate.

Ask Some Questions

Make the day memorable and have your to guests fill out a questionnaire while they were at the party. All about what they love about your little bundle of joy! You could ask things like:

  • how do I know you?
  • When you grow up, I think you will be…
  • my favorite memory of you is….
  • what is 2021 like (or whatever year they were born)
  • what will 3039 be like (18 years in future)
  • words of wisdom

And of course, ask your guest to sign the questionnaire.

These questionnaires form a part of a time capsule to help you plan for your little one’s 18th Birthday. How special is that? Not only will you make the first birthday memorable, but you are also planning to make future birthdays truly special!

Get it on Video

As your little one gets older, you can involve them in creating a birthday time capsule video diary. Asking them questions about their favourite things and keeping the recording for a later birthday. You could ask things like:

  • Who is your best friend?
  • what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • what is your favorite colour?
  • what is your favorite thing to eat?
  • What is your favorite TV show?
  • what is your favorite song?
  • what is your favorite activity?
  • what scares you?
  • what makes you smile?
  • what makes you laugh?
  • what do you love?

As well as this Clare also suggests writing your child a letter telling them about all of their achievements of the year.

Remember to print off those precious memories that you have captured on your phone. This will make your child birthday time capsule even more exciting.

The Perfect Gift

When it comes to gift giving, keep it practical. Toys are fun, but children often get bored very easily. And some parents may not enjoy a noisy toy waking them up at 6am. In Clare’s experience, the best gift has been quality time with family, especially grandparents, aunties and uncles, experiences such as trips to the zoo and clothes that are practical for the next season as we all know kids grow like weeds.

At the end of the day, the first birthday is more about the parents than the child. They have put so much aside and feel at times forgotten, so remember to get yourself something special to celebrate your first year of parenthood.

This blog was written by Clare Houston, Pregnancy Massage Practitoner and Remedial Massage Therapist. To book an appointment with Clare click here.