Labour and Birth Partners – What He Can ACTUALLY DO In The Delivery Room

Labour and Birth Partners – What He Can ACTUALLY DO In The Delivery Room. (It’s ok fellas, no gory pictures or scary stuff here!)


Each pregnancy, labour, birth and child is unique and different. One similarity I have noticed is that almost every mum-to-be that I have treated tells me is that their birth partner feels overwhelmed, lost or confused as to how to provide appropriate support and care during pregnancy and often do not want to think about labour and childbirth.

And if the birth partner is feeling overwhelmed, this can only mean that mum is feeling isolated and unsupported as well.

I pose the following question to ALL Birth Partners – For The Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends and Girlfriends:

How Will You Cope Seeing Your Loved One In Pain?

This is such an important question that I pose to all birth partners. A lot of birth partners may not have even thought about the labour and child birth process. Blinkers on. Ignorance is bliss. But, this is going to happen. Waters will break. Labour will start. And you loved one will experience an exquisite surge of pain as the contractions start. The birth partner will feel lost – UNLESS they are prepared to deal with this situation.


So, What Can You Do?

Partner Massage is a great way for couples to feel connected and empowered during pregnancy and it is a vital part of managing the stages of labour.

Massage during the first stage of labour provides birth partners with the ability to support the laboring women to cope with contractions. I call these massage techniques “Contraction Distraction”. No light and fluffy massage here. These techniques help the laboring woman cope with the surge of the contraction and the birth partner can find a way to manage feelings of anxiety and apprehension by taking a hands-on approach to labour.

The great thing is that these techniques aren’t just for labour. These techniques can be used throughout pregnancy to manage aches and pains and in the post-partum period to help with recovery.

Plus – continuing massage once you arrive at hospital can help the woman feel grounded and supported. Often in the transition from home to hospital (or other birthing place) can alter the flow of contractions. Massage is a great way for mum and birth partner to connect and support each other through this phase.


Childbirth Can Be Lonely!

Despite all the attention being on her, a labouring woman can feel extremely isolated in the birthing suite. You’ve got various doctors, midwives, anesthetists and even the machine that goes Ping! (See Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” if you don’t get this reference). As the labour progresses, and things start to get real and the baby is just about the arrive, the woman can seek support from her birth partner, knowing that they are equipped to get them through.  When a birth partner is supporting the laboring woman with massage, she will feel more relaxed and have an easier labour and birth.


The #1 Way To Guarantee Partner Support In Labour

I facilitate monthly workshops providing couples with hands-on skills to be nurtured, supported and empowered in labour.

This workshop will empower mothers and birth partners by teaching you the skills to provide nurturing and loving touch during the first stages of labour.

It’s really hands-on and we keep it simple and effective so that you get the skills to make it really easy.

In this half day workshop, you will discover:
+ Hands on massage skills for common pregnancy aches
+ How to empower your partner with “Contraction Distraction” during labour
+ How to create calm using essential oils safely during labour
+ How to access the right support for you and your family


This workshop is a must-attend for every couple. And Not just for first time families. Even those expecting their second or third child need to attend this workshop.


Why? Because every pregnancy, labour, birth and child are different.


Throughout your pregnancy you have been poked and prodded with medical tools, and you feel as if your body is not your own. And when you start to labor, you can feel isolated and alone. With massage in labour, your partner will be with you every step of the way.


If you have sought regular massage during your pregnancy, you need to attend this workshop so that your birth partner can provide you with therapeutic touch during your labour. I call it “Contraction Distraction”. And trust me, you will NEED this. The massage skills we teach in the workshop are not light and fluffy, because labour is not light and fluffy.


And birth partners need to attend because – you need to know what to do when the person you love is in pain. This workshop with give you confidence in because able to support your loved one, and you will both feel more connected as you bring your new baby into the world.


Check out the latest workshop dates here.

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Self-Care Is NOT Selfish


Taking time out of your day and prioritising your own needs is so important. We so often get caught up with our work, families or children that we forget about ourselves. We will readily say “yes” and over-commit out of fear of letting someone down, or a desire to “make everyone happy”. The thing is though is that this can cause resentment, stress and burnout.
I have complied a list of 50 or so things you can try to make more time for yourself and prioritise your health and wellbeing.
P.s I can help with the last one!

1. Go out for breaky
2. Watch inspiration YouTube videos – I’d recommend Brene Brown’s Tedx talk on Vulnerability
3. Play a computer game
4. Get a manicure or pedicure
5. Take yourself to the movies
6. Plant something in the garden
7. Go for a walk along the beach
8. Pat your dog
9. See a beauty therapist
10. Go to a yoga class – or practise at home!
11. Look up inspirational images on Pinterest
12. Write a letter to someone you care about but don’t see often – you don’t have to post or send it
13. Play an instrument
14. Go for a run
15. Get dressed up for a great reason
16. Get someone else to clean, iron or cook for you
17. Draw a picture
18. Have an afternoon nap
19. Attend a health expo
20. Make a cup of tea and sit and enjoy it until it’s all gone
21. Sleep in
22. Listen to a meditation or progress-muscle relaxation exercise
23. Go to a local farmers market
24. Go to the park
25. Take a bath
26. Sit in the sun (remember to Slip Slop Slap)
27. Go out for coffee
28. Play a sport (Basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball)
29. Go for a swim in the ocean or a local pool
30. Go shopping
31. Diffuse essential oils
32. Meet a friend for a coffee
33. Attend a Zumba Class
34. Cook a nice meal
35. Read a magazine – cover to cover
36. Go for a walk
37. Join in some laughter therapy
38. Sew something
39. Hang out with your family
40. Switch your phone off and notice that the world doesn’t end!
41. Buy stuff on Ebay
42. Go 10 pin bowling
43. Call someone you love
44. Go to the gym
45. Get up early and watch the sunrise
46. Listen to an audio book or pod cast
47. Watch your favourite DVD
48. Photograph something cool
49. Meet a friend for drinks
50. Go roller-skating or iceskating
51. Check out Facebook
52. Read a book
53. Listen to some awesome music
54. Get a haircut
55. Get a Massage